Arthur & Susan: Almost Detectives

Help Arthur and Susan solve three mysterious mysteries in this funny, original and cozy point & click videogame. 

During the investigation you will discover that nothing is what it seems. 

Enjoy discovering which of these 30 charismatic characters want to help you and which are trying to trick you. 

Official Guide

If you happen to get stuck in the game, don't suffer! This is definitely not that type of game. Here, you can find some hints on the key puzzles that are easy to miss. Also, if the answer to your situation is not here, please send us an email at and you will be given first-hand, top-notch assistance from the creator himself or one of his assistant monkeys.

WARNING - SPOILERS - Highlight to read:

Case 1:

- You have to show Pedro a detective badge. You have to make it with the Mockbuster card Pedro gives you when you buy a taco, elements of the bag, and stationery resources you can get at the police station.

- The ATM between the Comic store and the mexican restaurant has a videocamera.

- To see where Juanita is you need to talk to Pedro, the Chicken-man, and unravel the paper ball thrown at Arthur's face on the park.

- Juanita needs a few things. One of them is the judge's hammer. You have to trick her (the judge) and steal it.

- You might need fingerprints of the thief. Sprinkling chalk and with an adhesive tape, you have everything you need!

Case 2:

- Once you have spoken to Michael you have to talk to Laura and again with the receptionist to get the pub location unlocked.

- In order to get Maurice to help you you need to go to the police station and talk to Mindy, and then ask Laura about Mindy.

- You have to steal the girl's notebook by swithing it with another similar notebook. Do you remember who has a similar one?

- To get the microphone you need to see the hacker and then Laura (for the money).

Case 3:

- The fan can help you to get Mildred's address.

- In order to pass the Martian Passions Exam you can ask the fan. He has a diagram on his wall.

- Victoria is jealous, and it looks like Mr. Worthington knows something. First put some pressure on Victoria.

- You want to talk to Mr. Worthington freely. Meifeng has the key: you have to set aside Victoria temporarily.

- Victoria suffers from insomnia. Lucky you that Merlin knows a remedy.

- There are books out of the studio, in other locations.

- For the last ingredient, the tears of your enemy, laughter tears work just as good as regular tears. But Arthur's jokes are quite bad... He might need some help.

- The murder weapon can be anywhere. Look on the walls.