Help Arthur and Susan solve three mysterious cases in this funny, original and cozy point & click indie game. Interrogate suspects, charming and cheeky people. Choose what to say at each moment, making every conversation count as you gather clues. Navigate the vibrant city streets, following the trail of sneaky criminals. You will have to resort to new friends who will be happy to help you. During the investigation you will discover that nothing is what it seems. Enjoy discovering which of these 30 charismatic characters want to help you and which are trying to trick you. Embrace the unexpected twists and get ready for a cozy gaming experience you won't want to end!

Release date: 4Q 2023 - Platforms: PC (Steam and, Android (Google Play), iOS

Colorful scenarios and charming inhabitants

Interesting, mysterious and funny plot

Multi-character dialogue options

Rich and diverse inventory



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